Whole, half or quarter pigs for sale

wedding celebration - rustic farm wedding - pig roast - allegheny mountains in pennsylvania

Brian, the man of the hour, stands beside the roasted pig just hours before his wedding celebration.

It’s fall season, and while you may or may not have given much thought to “seasonal meat,” fall is certainly the time when many pigs are slaughtered. (They can be quite a pretty penny to winter over, kept fed and watered in below-freezing temperatures.)

As we have a robust breeding operation of heritage-bred, woodland-pastured, “free-range” pigs, we keep quite a few of our pigs over the winter and into the next year. Equally, we have many  pigs that have been slated for a fall slaughter. This is the time, with seasonal holidays approaching, fall bonfire, pig roasts and many a celebration on the horizon, to get a pig.

While many of our customers are commercial (caterers, high-end restaurants and the like), many others are individuals, families and buying clubs. At this time (in early fall 2012) we have a range of pigs for sale, from roasters that are about 100 pounds up to charcuterie pigs in the 600-lb range. (Oh, and if anyone is looking for a 1,200-lb pig, just let us know!) Just looking for a quarter pig or a half pig, we’ve got what you need.

For whole, half or quarter pig sales, contact Dan at Buckland Farm, at 814-784-9956. While we have a variety and selection of healthy, hormone-free pigs, we sell on a first-come, first-served basis. We can arrange for pigs to be slaughtered and picked up at a certain date at a nearby butcher shop, if you’ll need your pig at a later date.  For those of you further away, we can also easily arrange delivery to the Baltimore and DC areas.

– by Jessie N

whole half quarter pigs for sale at buckland farm - near DC and NOVA

The bride-to-be chose a whole pig for her wedding celebration at Buckland Farm. Here she stands with Gus, which her husband-to-be named himself when Gus was just a li’l piglet.

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